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What makes us human

We’ve been through a lot, friends. I don’t have to tell you. We’re looking for the things that connect us to our humanity. Things that transcend our current moment. Things that bring us together. Things we can rebuild our lives around.

Rebuilding for me has meant getting back to woodworking. I’d taken a few years off, but my kids are grown now. My son moved out on his own a few months ago. My daughter just graduated college last weekend. She’ll be married in less than a month. Now that I’ve reached the empty nest stage, I have some extra energy to spare. My son and I call it “dad energy”.

When my son moved out, I made him a knife block and cutting board as a housewarming gift.

knife block in walnut
cutting board in walnut

Maybe dad energy is just a form of creative energy. I like that idea. I can work with that.